SAN ANTONIO PIPE • EST. 2016 - Specializing in sales, sourcing, and restoration of vintage and artisan pipes from all over the world.

I spent many years studying and practicing restoration techniques on my own pipes prior to opening services to the public in late 2015. I value attention to detail and restore every pipe meticulously as if it was my own.

Having been an avid pipe smoker for close to 11 years I'm passionate about keeping the craft alive. There's nothing quite like a restored vintage pipe, every one tells a story, and every story helps us understand just how much history we’re participating in. I consider it an honor to help in some small way to preserve the history and tradition of pipe smoking.

In addition to restored vintage pipes we are proud to offer some of the highest quality artisan pipes from all over the world. I work with many carvers overseas to help bring their works of art to new audiences here in the USA.

Thank you for visiting, don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have any questions!