Xin Li (Zhiputang Pipes) - Smooth Horn/Dublin

Xin Li (Zhiputang Pipes) - Smooth Horn/Dublin


About The Artist:

Chances are you might already be familiar with the Zhiputang name, but maybe less familiar with one of the carvers behind the partnership, Xin Li. Xin’s interest for expressing art through pipes started soon after he returned home from spending 5 years in Germany studying art history. In 2015 he started learning pipe making under the eye of famed Chinese pipe maker Yang Zhimin, and in 2016 the duo teamed up to form Zhiputang Pipes. Xin has a deep appreciation for classic designs, but also a unique talent for integrating more complex, appealing angles and details to set his work apart. In early 2019 Xin departed from Zhiputang Pipes and started Xin Pipes, allowing him to explore his own unique style more, offering high end graded artisan pipes to a larger market. Xin graciously provided us with the last pieces he made at Zhiputang, some of his finest, most unique pipes. In addition, we will be offering Xin’s new graded pipes as they become available. Xin uses Giordano Mediterranean briar and German ebonite exclusively.

About The Pipe:

A compact horn/Dublin hybrid with abundant beautiful grain and gorgeous color. This one definitly showcases Xin’s ability to break out of the box and create something new. Lightweight, fits great in the hand, without sacrificing bowl size. Simply gorgeous!


  • German Ebonite

  • Giordano Briar


  • Length Overall: 4 3/4"

  • Height Overall: 2"

  • Width Overall: 1 3/4"

  • Chamber Width: 13/16”

  • Chamber Depth: 1 1/2"

  • Weight: 43g / 1.5 oz

  • Filter: None

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